Boat Life Apparel

WHY DID WE START BOAT LIFE APPAREL? Because we have a passion for boating and all the fun that comes along with it! For a number of years I have had a vision of launching an apparel company that would highlight and reflect the boating lifestyle, because it is just that – a lifestyle. Relaxing, Exciting, … Read more

Made by Bee

Priscilla is a beekeeper whose shift towards sustainability has led to functional and minimal waste creations. When her ducklings spread their wings and left home, she morphed into a β€œQueen Bee” and established more hives for her newly adopted dependents. What started as a small collaboration with community partners has blossomed into the lively MADE BY … Read more

Springwater Woodcraft

Authentic Canadian-Made Rustic Pine Furniture ​Our unique, functional home furnishings & accent pieces are handcrafted in Canada using simple techniques and real wood. If you’re looking for those β€˜extra somethings’ that will add rustic charm, character and function to any living space then look no further!  Our early Canadian-inspired furniture & accents are sure to please. … Read more

Red Canoe

Wilkinson decided to create a product line inspired by Canadian icons with great stories like the DHC-2 Beaver. Many of these stories were unknown, fading from memory or taken for granted. Those few individuals that knew them well would welcome any banner that invited the uninitiated to take interest. A Red Canoe could be thought … Read more

Bee by the Sea

It’s widely understood that honey comes from bees but there is another nutritious type ofΒ foodΒ that comes from the same insect called royal jelly. Royal jelly is over half percent water mixed in with sugar and proteins. This light coloured substance is sometimes called β€œbee milk” and is secreted from the top of a bee’s head. … Read more