Bee by the Sea

Bee By The Sea

It’s widely understood that honey comes from bees but there is another nutritious type of food that comes from the same insect called royal jelly. Royal jelly is over half percent water mixed in with sugar and proteins. This light coloured substance is sometimes called “bee milk” and is secreted from the top of a bee’s head. It is collected in special honeycombs called queen cells. Worker bees diligently distribute the jelly to help the hive thrive.  When bee larvae are first born, they are fed royal jelly directly from the workers in order to get a nutritional boost to survive the first few days of life. They are then given the less decadent “beebread” which is fermented pollen and honey. Potential queen bees skip the bread and honey and continue to be fed the jelly. In fact, they sit in the cells filled to the brim with royal jelly. This process of feeding helps create the next in line for the throne. The main difference between a worker bee and a queen bee is in the genetic manipulation. Identical insects differ when a specific gene is activated. Although research suggests that the queen bee morphology is contingent on the bee being exclusively fed royal jelly, new studies suggest that the lack of honey in a bee’s diet contributes to the change. Either way, the miracle lies in their ability to adjust their genetic profile through nutrition. Royal jelly has a long illustrious history as a natural remedy in ritual and medicine around the world including Europe, Ancient Egypt and China.  Today it maintains its stronghold in the health care industry as a natural solution to various ailments. HERE IS A QUICK LIST OF THE BENEFITS OF ROYAL JELLY FOR SKIN AND HEALTH: 1.     Anti-aging properties 2.     Skin and wound healing including cuts, scars and acne 3.     Anti-inflammatory 4.     Antibiotic components 5.     Cholesterol-lowering 6.     Boosts fertility 7.     Antibacterial agents 8.     Cancer Preventative 9.     Contains complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and enzymes     Royal Jelly is included in our body cream, face cream and deodorant!

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